Tech Infrastructure Upgrade

While providing the surrounding area with unique and stand-out programming, there has been a rapidly growing need to revitalize the technological infrastructure that allows WKDU to continue its quality programming.

The funds that are raised throughout this event will contribute to an essential technological upgrade from our current analog setup to one that is much more digitally focused. With the last equipment restructure happening in the 1990s, we are certainly due for a major refresh. This includes the replacement of our control boards in both of our control rooms, as well as improvements to the technology between the control rooms and our production room. In addition, we will be seeking an ergonomic redesign of our broadcasting furniture (the current desk for our DJ equipment is constructed from an old wooden door).

Within our anticipated budget of $50,000 (!!!), these will be the major components of our upgrade:

  • Wheatstone LP-12 Control Boards - Replacing our defunct 20+ year old analog control boards
  • Wheatstone IP88-3CB Console Audio BLADEs - Provides IP connectivity and inputs to the new control boards
  • Wheatstone IP88-3A & IP88-3AD I/O BLADEs - Integrates our analog and digital equipment to the Wheatstone network
  • Custom-built furniture for our Control Rooms - Built by Studio Technology!
Wheatstone LP-12 Control Board
Wheatstone IP88-3CB Console Audio BLADE