Double Hockey Sticks

with Tom Dang

Original air date: July 17, 2021 at 12:00 AM

Double Hockey Sticks presents the WKDU 50th Anniversary Midnight Celebration

DementiaState of DementiaRecuperate From Reality
HellwitchNosferatuSyzygial Miscreancy
Ripping CorpseSeduction of the InnocentDreaming with the Dead
DeicideDead by DawnDeicide
CarcassRuptured in PurulenceSymphonies of Sickness
ImpaledRaise the StakesMedical Waste
UndeathIneffable Tumult2018 Demo
MorticianSlaughterhouseZombie Apocalypse
Deeds of FleshTrading PiecesTrading Pieces
OppressorKingdom of the DeadElements of Corrosion
Guttural SlugEye of the CyclopsMegalodon
Faceless BurialIrreparably CorpsedSpeciation
HormigonThe PsychopathEvil Demo 1993
CorrosiveAsphyxiatedI'm Bleeding
UnearthWithin the RuinsMalformed Cranium
Immersed in BloodCollector of SoulsUnrelenting Retaliation
Signs of DyingImpaled Within the Cerebral VortexDesire is Suffering
Liers in WaitBleeding Shrines of StoneSpiritually Uncontrolled Art
CaducityStrength of the Druid FireThe Weiliaon Wielder Quest
KrabathorIn the Blazing RiverCool Mortification
Splattered CadaverFouly Discharged the ClotsMerciless Butchery
DisorderedWithin the Mind of a MorticianWithin the Mind of a Mortician
Roadside BurialIvanBlood Binge
Snuffed on SightBlunt CoughSnuffed on Sight
ExcrescentBrutally EvisceratedSuffocated in Entrails
CrypticEmbalmerProphecy of Hate
BiophobiaDie for ExistenceDie for Existence
Arhet DevThe DamnedHellish
Wicked ThoughtsInnocenceOmnipotence
Morbid AngelAbominationsBlessed are the Sick
ThaetasThithShrines to Absurdity
Our Place of Worship is SilenceThe Blind Chimera and it's DeathWith Inexonerable Suffering
Tribal GazeUntil the Savior ReturnsGodless Voyage
Human FilletedBag of MeatBlunt Force Embludgenment
Nothing is SacredReanimateNothing is Sacred
Catatonic StuporDnepropetrovsk ManiacsCatatonic Stupor
StabbedSavage Bite to the HeadDefleshed by Reptiles
AbrasiveHungryThe Birth... Born in Sodom
Mystic CharmMystic CharmsShadows of the Unknown
Thorr's HammerTroll
WarstoneStone FistAbsolute War
DefecatorySaw em Off
Battle MasterGhastly Graven Grimoireless