Everything I Own Is Broken or Bent

with Steve

Original air date: July 16, 2021 at 10:00 AM

first time on the air since 2015? it was great thanks a bunch

xetasthe lambthe tower
eddy current suppression ringhaving a hard timeeddy current suppression ring
wavelesshalf mastsugar tree
the exsoon all cities27 passports
iceagecatch itbeyondless
dusterearth moon transit
**eddy currentagainsorry my b**
protomartyrmaidenheadunder the color of offical right
harvey milkwarspecial wishes
civicnuclear sonnew vietnam
birds of mayabusted roomvaldez
tyvekneedles drop7"
behaviorsome dear signspirits & embellishments
just mustardtaintedwednesday
priestsdesign within reachbodies & control & money & power
hammered hullswritten wordshammered hulls 7"
endless boogietarmac cityfull house head
reigning soundyou got me hummin'too much guitar
gray matterslow grind7"
swirliespancakeblonder tongue audio baton
david nancenegative boogienegative boogie
protomartyrcaitrioniarelatives in descent
mission of burmamicavs
roky ericksontwo headed dog
regulator wattspemberton redthe aesthetics of no drag
unwoundnervous energyfake train
el jesus de magicox-mas at wounded knee7"
use mehank wood & the hammerheadsuse me 7"
a million lightsthe renderersa million lights 7"
scott & charlenes weddingwiseman at the stationpara vista social club