Sonic Rendezvous

with Alina & Jackie Z

Original air date: July 16, 2021 at 4:00 AM

WKDU live session bonanza with Jackie Z

Scab CadillacExplain ThisTagged & Numbered
Monkey 101Now That You Have Left Me7
Immaculate HeartsEverything is the Way it Should BeLive on WKDU [1989]
O Mighty IsisSparkleLive on WKDU
More FiendsVinyl GrindLive on WKDU [1988]
Baby FlameheadLive on WKDULive on WKDU [1989]
StinkbombenBread and ButterLive on WKDU
AshtrayLive on WKDULive on WKDU [1990]
SwisherMoon in Wanker
Revelogic & Judith SchaechterMy Last Match7
CaterpillarSombulisticScrapple 7" comp
Strapping FieldhandsGarden of Earthly DelightsLive on WKDU [1992]
Strapping FieldhandsI'm GoingLive on WKDU [1992]
Strapping FieldhandsPinch of PatchouliLive on WKDU [2012]
Sparrow SteepleWaterboarded by the LordLive on WKDU [2017]
Purling Hiss/Mike Polizze soloFollow You AroundLive on WKDU [2017]
Purling HissAlmost Washed My HairLive on WKDU [2011]
Mdou MoctarTarhatazedLive on WKDU [2018]
Igneous EyesConcrete, Glass, and StoneLive on WKDU [2015]
Taiwan Housing ProjectJoan of ArcLive on WKDU [2014]
The Invasive SpeciesSnedderLive on WKDU [2019]
Bad News BatsBaby We'll Sleep in the Graveyard TonightLive on WKDU [2016]
Arc in RoundSpiritLive on WKDU [2009]
Wasnt WisntAtsionLive on WKDU [2019]
Brother JTCat BalloonLive on WKDU [2012]
Butterfly JoeFancy WallsLive on WKDU [1999]